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Baby You Can Drive My Car: Driverless Cars and #CRE

Your driverless ride will be here before you know it.

The WSJ reports automaker GM will start testing self driving cars in less than 12 months with ride sharing service Lyft. 
In 2015, Google, Apple and Microsoft all announced plans for proprietary connected car platforms, allowing cell phone functionality to your car’s dash.
Apple appears to be moving even further towards “car as a service” with a recent $1 billion dollar investment in Chinese lift […]

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Ken Ashley, CCIM, MCR, SIORExecutive Director
Ken Ashley, CCIM, MCR, SIORIn this space, I attempt to interpret trends, new happenings and report on strategies in corporate real estate. The blog is focused towards the needs of CXOs and heads of real estate in mid-cap companies from $200 million to $2 billion in revenues. I hope that The Commercial Tenant Resource, which includes a robust knowledge center, will help you and your company succeed in the world of “big time” corporate real estate.

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