Now, CRE is in process of truly elevating to the strategic level in the corporate enterprise.

CoreNet Global’s new research initiative is being rolled out here at the 2012 San Diego Summit. The report, entitled Corporate Real Estate 2020, has solidified the notion of


work areas as support envelopes for employees. An underlying theme of the results CRE is all about leadership and how CRE executives can become true partners with the C-Suite.

According to Richard Kadzis of CoreNet Global, the new corporate real estate model is now a critical part of the overall business model. Work/life support is a term the C-suite is increasingly becoming focused on in this very competitive, and recovering economy.

Corporate senior management is interested in both profitable and happy employees. Anymore, work isn’t so much about bricks and mortar as the experience of working there (wherever there is).  Increasingly, commercial real estate is about creating a series of places where employees can work, be challenged, innovate and communicate.

Clearly, the ROI for corporate real estate executives is no longer about cost cutting.  Now the subject of discussion at CoreNet Global is about driving business profitability more than tactical CRE detail (portfolio management, property management etc.).