Photo credit: Tom Wilson

Photo credit: Tom Wilson

As originialy seen in Atlanta Business Chronicle*

Let me share a little secret: I’ve been pretty down on downtown.

Whenever I’d think about Atlanta’s central business district, I’d picture the beggars and junky looking merchant carts that resembled a yard sale, dirty sidewalks and burned-out streetlights.

I knew when I walked down the street I’d have to look over my shoulder and think about who was watching me and my wallet.

Why couldn’t we be like other cities including New York, Austin, Portland and even Greenville S.C. that have gotten their acts together and had a renaissance? While Atlanta’s Midtown bloomed and Buckhead built tower after tower, downtown felt to me like a BB King Blues Song on repeat: "The Thrill is Gone."

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* Note: The Commercial Tenant Resource isn't intended to be a "city blog," but given that Atlanta is the 9th largest MSA in the US, I thought it's struggles with CBD could rise to the level of a national CRE issue. Also, according to Atlanta Business Chronicle Real Estate Editor Doug Sams, this posting is one of the most popular ever in their "Real Talk Blog." Hope you enjoy.