May 23rd, 2016

Credit: iStock

Credit: iStock

Each week, I select and hand curated few articles that rise above the fray and hopefully help you on your journey in the CRE world. They pull from one of four “corners:”  corporate real estate, technology, management science and anything positive. These are not made by a bot, I create every post personally! I welcome your comments on these articles and the submissions of others (with credit to you if I post them). I wish you a terrific week!

Ten Interview Questions Only Weak Managers Ask
“We can forgive a hiring manager for being asleep while interviewing techniques have evolved over the past three decades. What’s not so easy to forgive or overlook is a hiring manager’s arch, mean or snippy tone and attitude during a job interview, as manifested in his or her speech, body language, and of course the questions the manager chooses to ask you.”

Stephen Schwarzman And Blackstone: Wall Street’s Unstoppable Force
“In the past eight years Blackstone’s footprint and influence under Schwarzman have become nothing short of breathtaking. Since the financial crisis Blackstone’s assets have nearly quadrupled. More than 85% of its 2,070 employees have joined since 2007, and the firm has introduced dozens of new products. Blackstone has major stakes in 92 companies, from Hilton Hotels and Michaels Stores to iconic brands like Versace and Leica Camera; it owns thousands of pieces of commercial real estate, including Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town and Chicago’s Willis Tower, and more single-family homes in the U.S. than any other private entity. In nearly every business in which it operates, including hedge funds and credit, Blackstone is the leader.”

Five things I will do different for my next startup
“Here’s some of things I’d like to do different for my next startup and hopefully some lessons learned that you might find helpful.”

Now for Sale in Chicago: Prime Catholic Church Real Estate
Even God is selling in this market: “The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has tapped an adviser to sell the sprawling lot across the street from its 140-year-old Holy Name Cathedral, in the latest sign of a religious institution selling prime real estate in response to hot property markets.”

Five Ways To Get Toxic People Out Of Your Life

“It is easy to find yourself hanging around with the wrong people. There are a lot of reasons for us to fall into that trap. Here are a few of them…”

Your success blesses others. I wish you a great a hugely impactful week!