I imagine that Elon Musk was a little peeved. There had been much erroneous media coverage about his battery program. The rumor was that Samsung SDI was going to be stepping into the Tesla battery mix. He’s a busy man..he didn’t call PR or talk to his team about what to do.

Instead, I bet Elon harrumphed as he ripped out his iPhone to correct the misinformation. Yup, he was going to set things straight. Here is what he said to his 4.14 million followers in 117 characters:


The Tweet Hear Round Wall Street

Then the fun began. Over 1,500 people retweeted the post and nearly 6,000 “liked” it. That meant the Tweet had gone galactic and likely was seen by tens of millions of people. Other channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn picked it up as well; oh, and ALL media organizations that follow Mr. Musk.

What happened next stunned analysts as well as both Panasonic and the rumored replacement shop, Samsung SDI.

That same trading day, the Tweet relieved Samsung SDI of $580 million (8%) in market capitalization. Meanwhile, Panasonic added $800 million in market value.

That, boys and girls, means that Musk’s Tweet changed tow company’s fortunes by a total of almost $1.4 billion dollars.

Twitter Is Dying

Forbes reported in January of this year that “Twitter Will Be Dead in Three Years.” Much has been made of the leadership changes at the social media giant and its seeming relevance issues. Millions of older Americans are trying to figure out hashtags and how to use the service in 140 characters or less.

I’m on Twitter every day, and in my view it is essentially a utility. I think it’s highly likely that for years to come, the world will communicate large events through this micro-blogging outlet.

Maybe Twitter will fall on hard times in years to come, but these are the glory days. A savvy executive of a technology company can communicate directly and unfiltered with millions of people with a billion (with a “b”) dollar impact.

Content and Social Marketing Is Very Much Alive

Elon set the world straight in one Tweet. What can you and your organization do to positively impact the world around you? An author I respect named Michael Hyatt has written a great book on this very subject called Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

I know you’re busy. We all are. But whether you are an executive (CEO Musk Tweets), on a staff or working on your own gig, I submit content marketing has a place in your world.

Your passion and expertise will resonate. You simply have to let the world know about them!

Maybe #hashtags deserve a little respect after all – certainly for @elonmusk!