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We’re Moving!

November, 2016

Well, its a wrap here at The Commercial Tenant Resource. It’s been a great 7 year run and we’ve had a lot of fun. But all good things must come to an end. Our research indicated that people wanted a shorter blog name and a streamlined look. And so we listened and acted!

We […]

The Billion Dollar Tweet

I imagine that Elon Musk was a little peeved. There had been much erroneous media coverage about his battery program. The rumor was that Samsung SDI was going to be stepping into the Tesla battery mix. He’s a busy man..he didn’t call PR or talk to his team about what to do.

Instead, I bet Elon […]

Baby You Can Drive My Car: Driverless Cars and #CRE

Your driverless ride will be here before you know it.

The WSJ reports automaker GM will start testing self driving cars in less than 12 months with ride sharing service Lyft. 
In 2015, Google, Apple and Microsoft all announced plans for proprietary connected car platforms, allowing cell phone functionality to your car’s dash.
Apple appears to be moving even further […]

Drones and #CRE?

So let’s get this out of the way; drones are scary. They are used by military types to wreak havoc and by various government agencies to spy. They are also frightning spy machines that can be used for any number of improper purposes.  Oh, and the FAA will fine you for using them improperly.

Yes […]

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Think Like an Owner

Recently I visited the Golden Bear State for a combination of meetings and a little R&R up in the wonderful Sonoma area. Fun, sun and wine are a good recipe for a sanity check, I can report.

Thanks to my friends and wonderful hosts at The Harvey Team, I did get a chance to tour […]

The M Word

Let’s keep ‘em happy.

The Millennial generation, that is. I certainly acknowledge that there is a large group of young workers busily working their way up the corporate ladder. This year, Millennials (born circa 1980-2000, also known as Gen-Y) are projected to surpass the outsized Baby Boom generation as the nation’s largest living generation, according […]

Welcome to the Fiberhood

This post discusses our digital thirst for more and more and bandwidth. How will we in CRE deal with this issue?

The upside of Atlanta’s downtown

Downtown Atlanta is indicative of many CBD’s. There is a resurgence of interest in dense urban areas including Atlanta’s previously down on it’s luck downtown.

The Power of Negative Thinking

Failure to plan is planning to fail. I just finished a great book by Astronaut Chris Hadfield An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth and I learned something profound that can apply as much to business as to space flight: thinking negatively is a positive thing.

Engineering Serendipity

Can great workplace culture and innovation happen at home? A discussion of the Atlanta Technology Village and it’s workplace incorporating the views of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and ATV’s founder David Cumming.
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