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CFOs and Billy Joel

In the early 80’s, I remember first hearing the haunting anthem to America’s manufacturing challenges in the song "Allentown" by Billy Joel.  In the ditty, Joel chronicles the demise of Bethlehem Steel (it went bankrupt in 2001 and is now a casino) and its impact on families in the Eastern Pennsylvania area around  Allentown. The […]

Steve Jobs and….Workplace Design

Steve Jobs, the denizen of all things computing, the visionary that created digital worldwide communications was a big fan of… in person meetings. In the authorized biography, author Walter Isaascon describes Jobs innovation and genius as the principle architect of the Pixar headquarters.

Let The Store Come to the People — iMilk?

The following blog originally appeared in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on November 28th, 2011.
CoreNet Global held its semi-annual summit in Atlanta recently.
Thousands of corporate real estate executives, service providers and economic developers traveled to our city to learn the latest trends in corporate real estate. While normally a confab to learn and discuss ideas […]

BYOT PYT: Dance of the iPhones at Work

Employees are increasingly bringing their own personal tech tools to the workplace and corporate leaders must figure out how to deal with this emerging issue.

Work is a Verb Not a Noun

The 2011 CoreNet Global Summit came to Atlanta, y’all. In meetings that focused on big demographic shifts, amazing changes in technology and increasing connectivity,thousands of real estate executives, service providers and economic developers
came to the Capital of the South. As became clear, grits, sweet tea and commercial real estate really do go together.
Not in […]

Ranch Dressing

Ah, the economic malaise continues. This New York Times article (Fed Divisions Led to a Compromise on Interest Rates) starts with a pulse quickening statement: "No one knows what to do to fix the economy." With the certainty of uncertainty continuing to be a daily media subject, interest rates are trending near all time lows. Yes, one […]

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    Back to School! – Top Eleven Things to put in your CRE backpack

Back to School! – Top Eleven Things to put in your CRE backpack

So my wife made the annual Pilgrimage to check off the supply list and make sure we have our own personal office supply store at home (God bless her). The children had a great time with the whole process. I can remember the time as a kid myself; the combination of excitement and trepidation […]

Everywhere a Sign

It was a different time. In the early 1970’s the hippy movement was in full swing, and an unemployed 25 year old singer in a rock band in Ottawa, Canada sat down one day, mad at the world. The results of his youthful anger – the song “Signs” — would become a powerful anthem […]

Git-R-Done; Time To Move Those Deals Forward

Disney's acclaimed Pixar unit recently released Cars 2 with “co-stars” race-car Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) and tow-truck Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy). In the movie, the characters head to Europe and Japan to compete in the World Grand Prix, but of course get side tracked with all manner of problems, including […]

Move Cum Laude: Graduating Into New Office Space

Congratulations graduates! Grab the Hallmark's and leather folios. It’s that time of year; May flowers and enthusiastic graduates are synonymous and plentiful.
Attention class: there’s a parallel in an office move. You’ve signed the new lease, told the employees (please see this post on change management before the lease deal is announced) and now you […]

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