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The upside of Atlanta’s downtown

Downtown Atlanta is indicative of many CBD’s. There is a resurgence of interest in dense urban areas including Atlanta’s previously down on it’s luck downtown.

Tim Cook’s #CRE Challenge

What if the CEO of the largest company in the universe called you and said he had a little project he'd like you to work on? He thinks you’re a pretty swell leader, and he wants you to shake up the office landlord business. What would you do to make Mr. Cook a happy man?

Cyber-Security and #CRE

Like you, I’ve seen a lot in the press recently about cyber-attacks and computer hacking. It all sounds like a 1980’s movie. I didn’t really think I had much to worry about in the world of commercial real estate. I don’t cover the blinking lights – that’s the CTO’s role along with his or her […]

West Bound and Down – Twelve Days without an iPhone

I have a confession to make. For more than 17 years, I have been connected to the grid. Except for sleep, I was always tuned on. Yes, even on vacation, at night and certainly on weekends.

I bet I’m not alone in this admission, but at least I can publically declare my addiction to connectivity. […]

Let The Store Come to the People — iMilk?

The following blog originally appeared in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on November 28th, 2011.
CoreNet Global held its semi-annual summit in Atlanta recently.
Thousands of corporate real estate executives, service providers and economic developers traveled to our city to learn the latest trends in corporate real estate. While normally a confab to learn and discuss ideas […]

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    Back to School! – Top Eleven Things to put in your CRE backpack

Back to School! – Top Eleven Things to put in your CRE backpack

So my wife made the annual Pilgrimage to check off the supply list and make sure we have our own personal office supply store at home (God bless her). The children had a great time with the whole process. I can remember the time as a kid myself; the combination of excitement and trepidation […]

Move Cum Laude: Graduating Into New Office Space

Congratulations graduates! Grab the Hallmark's and leather folios. It’s that time of year; May flowers and enthusiastic graduates are synonymous and plentiful.
Attention class: there’s a parallel in an office move. You’ve signed the new lease, told the employees (please see this post on change management before the lease deal is announced) and now you […]

Shiny Happy People

In a rousing opening session to the CoreNet Global Summit in Chicago's Navy Pier, CEO Angela Cain and Chairman Lee Utke (Global Real Estate Head for Whirlpool) played the theme from the ‘80s sitcom The Jeffersons entitled “Movin on Up.” The ditty signaled real estate’s increasingly important role in Corporate America. And it certainly makes sense […]

The Old Gray Cube, She Ain’t What She Used to Be

By Ken Ashley

ATLANTA (June 14, 2010)

We’ve run across what appears to be a really innovative idea in the commercial real estate world in the form of a new company called Loosecubes. Their website, which says it is in beta, describes them as  an “Open Market for Workspace.” We think of it as an interesting  combination […]

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