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I’m Not Dead Yet!; The Office Campus Lives On

In 2008 I asked a senior executive  - let’s call him Steve – at one of the world’s largest companies about his philosophy on corporate campuses.

“Do you know how many vacant former telecom campuses there are in the US?” he asked. My shrug gave away my grasp of the issue. “Way to many, and […]

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    “Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face.”

“Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched in the Face.”

My account of participating in a cyber security crisis drill. It was a sobering day and I learned some valuable lessons. Keep your ear to the digital railroad track…bad guys abound.

Welcome to the Fiberhood

This post discusses our digital thirst for more and more and bandwidth. How will we in CRE deal with this issue?

The upside of Atlanta’s downtown

Downtown Atlanta is indicative of many CBD’s. There is a resurgence of interest in dense urban areas including Atlanta’s previously down on it’s luck downtown.

Engineering Serendipity

Can great workplace culture and innovation happen at home? A discussion of the Atlanta Technology Village and it’s workplace incorporating the views of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and ATV’s founder David Cumming.

Tim Cook’s #CRE Challenge

What if the CEO of the largest company in the universe called you and said he had a little project he'd like you to work on? He thinks you’re a pretty swell leader, and he wants you to shake up the office landlord business. What would you do to make Mr. Cook a happy man?

Cyber-Security and #CRE

Like you, I’ve seen a lot in the press recently about cyber-attacks and computer hacking. It all sounds like a 1980’s movie. I didn’t really think I had much to worry about in the world of commercial real estate. I don’t cover the blinking lights – that’s the CTO’s role along with his or her […]

Be A Real (Estate) Wise Guy

Why? What? How? – A 3-Part Series.

Part 1: Figure out Why You Need Real Estate in the First Place

Part 2: (Below): Address the What in the Real Estate Decisions

Part 3: (Upcoming): Discuss How you will execute


​“We just got the contract,” Keith said joyfully. He took a sharp breath in and lowered his voice. “We need, er, need […]

Lets Get Real (Estate)

My friend Justin Bedecarre of 42 Floors reached out to me recently with such a simple request. “Ashley, can you write a short little blog about how to lease office space?” his request read. Given that I’ve done this exercise a few times in my 18-year career, I thought it would be simple to write about how […]

The 4 – Hour CRE

(Atlanta) Its that time of year again. We evaluate our performance in the current year and make (big) plans for what is to come in the new year.
In that vein, Tim Ferriss, the entrepreneur turned book author and public speaker has made a fortune by telling folks to keep it simple. By repackaging the […]