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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I remember constantly searching for a new hiding place.

My two brothers and I had a game of “army” going in the house I grew up in. In order to keep myself safe in battle, I had to have a place to disappear to. Can’t be too ready for these things, you know.

My poor Mother was in constant pick-up mode. She would walk into the […]

Think Like an Owner

Recently I visited the Golden Bear State for a combination of meetings and a little R&R up in the wonderful Sonoma area. Fun, sun and wine are a good recipe for a sanity check, I can report.

Thanks to my friends and wonderful hosts at The Harvey Team, I did get a chance to tour several “high tech” office spaces in and near San Francisco […]

The M Word

Let’s keep ‘em happy.

The Millennial generation, that is. I certainly acknowledge that there is a large group of young workers busily working their way up the corporate ladder. This year, Millennials (born circa 1980-2000, also known as Gen-Y) are projected to surpass the outsized Baby Boom generation as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the population projections released by the U.S. Census Bureau […]

Talking About a Devolution: The Privacy Crisis in America’s Offices

I have long maintained that office space design is like hemlines – always changing to the latest and greatest fashion thing. But the reality is we have seen it all before.

Of late, corporate America has proudly crammed its workers into a highly dense environment, claiming that, as a result, the employee will experience the holy grail of office existence: collaboration.

It seems so glorious to […]

The Petro Panic and #CRE

I, like you, have read much of the coverage on recent oil price swings including Saturday’s Wall Street Journal report which discusses the fact that energy has gotten our economy through the economic malaise of the past couple of years. It’s simply amazing that crude oil prices have fallen almost 50% since June in the United States. Sub $60 a barrel oil will impact […]

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